More and more people are becoming interested in SOPHROLOGY.

Sophrology takes you on a journey which releases your inner energies, your creativity, your self-confidence. If you feel good about yourself, you will feel good about living, and therefore will be strong enough to pursue a happy and fulfilling life.

The teaching aspect must not be neglected. Making with an agreement between the conscious and unconscious parts of the person in a common approach, sophrology will be highly motivating with the desire of a total and rapid efficiency.

This technique enables every human being to develop his own poetry (wich all too often never surfaces), by helping him to dream and cleanse the soul by visualisation.

Sophrology with the help of the sophrologist helps you externalise and discover any anguish, fear, strain which are often at the origin of a depressive and weary state. So we can develop our self-confidence as well as our initiative when faced with the trials of day to day life.

- The aim of a good sophrologist is efficiency.



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