The ancient Egyptians civilization is still surrounded by mystery - the Egyptian apparently used clairvoyance, some sort of Astrology, Magnetism and magic !

The closer we come to the Aquarius Era, and the twentyfirst century, the greater is our need and attraction to rediscover " hidden secrets", the huge spiritual possibilities of the mind such as : clairvoyance, magnetism, self-recovery. More and more people use these "sciences" to help find answers to their questions.

These hidden sciences have existed from the beginning of time, but are unused, deeply hidden inside each one of us. However, man ignores them and pretends that they don't exist just like he always does when he finds no logical explanation for something. (Recently, in the USA, some scientists have timidly taken them into account).

We can all explore this marvellous world that lives deep in the heart of us and the refore develop new found abilities.

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